Amazon Alexa exposed as a deranged LIBERAL that spews left-wing propaganda

Some of this year’s ‘hot holiday gift ideas’ are those wireless devices being offered by Google, Amazon, and others that respond to your voice commands and provide you with all kinds of information like the weather forecast, recipes, and can even locate and stream local radio stations.

But what many don’t know or understand is that devices like Amazon’s Alexa are really mechanical shills for the far Left, spewing uber-liberal propaganda, as pointed out by CRTV’s Steven Crowder, host of the “Louder With Crowder” program.

In a crazy video, Crowder asks one of the devices a host of questions, and in response receives equally crazy — but liberally biased — answers that sound like they came straight out of a modern Left-wing university textbook.

Crowder begins the segment with a simple question: How many genders are there?

The Alexa device responds with an answer you’d find in a gender studies guide or handbook, saying that while male and female are the main two “binary” genders “on the spectrum,” however, “there are many other categories that exist,” so it really isn’t known just how many genders actually exist.

“Because gender identity is complex and personal, there is no definite way to say how many genders there are,” the machine added.

“Alexa, did you just lie to me?” Crowded asked mockingly.

“I don’t lie. I’ll always tell you what I know,” the machine responded.

“That is the answer you’d hear from an angry, blue-haired feminist,” Crowder told an associate of the show that appears in the video with him.

Like I said, crazy. And it only gets worse from there. (Related: Amazon may allow software developers to read your private Alexa transcripts.)

For instance, when Crowder asks Alexa — which he describes as “glorified spyware that comes in a box” — about the Muslim prophet Muhammad and the Christian figure Jesus, the answers are distinctly different — and very politically correct.

The machine rattled off a lengthy description of Muhammad, at one time describing him as “a wise prophet.” But the machine gave a very short, and false, answer about Jesus: That he was simply “a fictional character.”

At one point, Crowder asks the Alexa machine, “Alexa, is Donald Trump alt-right?” The machine then responded, “It sounds like you’re asking about President Donald Trump,” then began discussing a National Public Radio article that reported the Trump administration has instructed Haitian refugees who have been in the U.S. since 2010 they have to return home within two months.

Why would the machine reference a Left-wing news source and choose an article critical of the Trump administration to discuss the president? There is only one answer to that: Alexa, owned by Amazon, which was founded by Trump critic Jeff Bezos, programmed the device to answer such questions in a way that negatively depicts Trump (and conservatives — and American cultural traditions).

Crowder pointed out that in providing an answer regarding Trump and the “Alt-Right,” the description veered into white nationalism, which is how the Left in the age of Trump has defined all conservatives. But when the machine provided answers to Crowder’s question, “What is Black Lives Matter?” the machine responded that it’s part of “the resistance” movement now underway…to Trump’s presidency, that is.

The machine also provided PC answers to questions regarding Planned Parenthood (saying that it’s a “reproductive healthcare” organization but saying nothing about it being the largest abortion provider in the country), and “pro-choice” as being “a woman’s right to choose” what happens to “her own body” — an answer that is straight out of Democratic Party (and Planned Parenthood) talking points.

And let’s never forget that Alexa and all of the other similar devices being pushed as gift ideas this holiday season are nothing more than spying devices that can be hacked as well.

Who really needs one?

See the entire Crowder video below:

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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